Stashing Behavior...

So we're moving. Even better--to our own house this time. No more renting! Hooray!

In packing the 23 years of 'stuff' we've both been toting around, about 15 months of 'stuff' we've acquired since we moved here (ahem...and removing about 12 months worth of dust) I've come to accept that my stashing behavior doesn't extend only to yarn.

For me, there is one item that is worse to receive than the dreaded re-gifted fruitcake: seasonally scented body lotion. Puh-lease. Who really uses three bottles of fig-scented lotion in one year?? Well...I certainly don't, but I always feel guilty getting rid of it right away. In fact, when I receive it and give it a sniff I think 'oooh this smells nice! Surely I'll use it...' and into the bathroom cabinet it goes. Alternative stash number one: 7 unopened bottles of scented lotion. extends to perishable items. My worst stashed item candy. In cleaning out the pantry just now I discovered (eek) Easter candy from last year, untouched, in fact still in the basket it was given to me in. Needless to say it was canned (hey, candy lasts a loooong time but really now). For someone with a serious Peep addiction, the fact that any holiday candy survives is amazing. Alternative stash number two: a full shoebox of holiday candy.

I'm no pack-rat, I'm actually really good about cleaning out the closets and cabinets every time the little donation cards come out in the mail, so how these items are (unfortunately) spared each go-round confounds me. I have to wonder which came first: the yarn stashing or the 'alternative' stashing?


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1 comment:

  1. Hey Ashley!
    Congratulations on your new home! I know people that are incessant about putting things away. If you will leave that lotion on the counter top, you're more likely to use it. I'm sure the lotion is divine and you might use it more if it's not out of sight, out of mind. The candy is the same. Place a few out at a time and you may get rid of it sooner, and not eat too much at a time. Just some thoughts, but we are the same way, "everything has it's place".
    Great read by the way!!!