Stop me before I knit again!!!

So I have a problem and it's a really BIG problem! I am addicted to knitting, yarn, fiber, patterns, and well, did I mention knitting?? Now I have mentioned before how grateful I am to have my job and I am, BUT I think Laura likes to torture me by ordering some of the most amazing yarns to touch. I know she isn't ordering this stuff for all of you out there, it truly is aimed right at me!! Darn it, Laura, you are so mean :) my house is overflowing with beautiful yarns and my family is going to have to go sleep with the dogs soon to make room for my stash. Of course the option of putting my stash in bins and out of the way is not a viable one, so I am sorry but guys (Geoff & Chris) you may have to learn to sleep with the dogs.

I just added the Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock in color 04 Taos to my stash and saw it peeking out of the cube that is it's new home this morning, ahhhh, insert HUGE grin here! Just knowing it is there is comforting. What's up with that? I think there must be something in the yarn fumes that keeps my buying this 'knitter's crack'!!

I am also, super crazed that we have Noro in the shop again and we also just got the Noro Vol. 25 in, with some amazing patterns! I want to knit the cover tank and I think it would work up great in Noro Kureyon maybe color 188, or 207?? naturually I can't decide.

I also want to knit up the sexy little over the knee socks for my daughter in Noro Silk Garden Sock. I have already had the pleasure of working with Silk Garden Sock when I knit my Brickwork Scarf. Yummy!!

So if anyone has suggestions for helping me with my addiction I am all ears, but until then, I must buy yarn!!

Happy Knitting and stashing! Jeanne :]

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  1. Must.
    No cure.

    Going back in......