Frogging, babies and gauges

I blogged last time about my beginnings of the new Knitting Pure and Simple pattern, Summer Open Cardigan #294 and well, rippit, rippit!! I had to hippity hop to the frog pond on this one, but luckily it is so simple that I am getting back on track again. Now you would think I know what I am doing, but alas, (even though I tell you all the right way to do things) I didn't gauge this one properly. So I went back to square one, or stitch one as the case may be, and did a little math. I am using the Southwest Trading Company Oasis yarn and THOUGHT (didn't do the math) that I would need to go up a size, NOT!! Do as I say, not as I do, sheesh, Jeanne!!! Ok, ok, enough of this diatribe and suffice it to say I am doing my size (42") and the math says I will add 2 inches of ease to this one. I love the pattern and the yarn and can't wait to really get going. I am going to add a bit of a contrast to the bodice with a slip stitch pattern (I did knit a swatch) and not the lace as I previously talked about. I am using Burgundy and will do the contrast in the Cornflower. I am really excited now that I am taking my own advice.

I also recently whipped up the Hoot Hat by Spud & Chole, using the Outer yarn in their line and it was such a fun knit that I am going to knit a second one up. I will say that I knit the 1-2 years size and I am going to give that one to Victoria's daughter Alice as it is a bit big for little Huck. I wanted to make it for him to use this winter, but it is a bit big. Alice was in the shop and tried it on and loved it, so Alice, this one is for you :) I am going to do it again, as I had enough of most of the yarn and just needed to add one more hank of the blue, in the 6-12 month size for Huck.

Speaking of Huck, he was here the other day and is right at 6 weeks old and boy is he awesome. Sandy got to hold him, but he decided to be a bit vocal for her and she just went with the flow. He finally feel asleep and she layed him out on some of our finest Noro Silk Garden yarn. The blanket he is snuggled up to is done in the Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton yarn. That blanket is a fun one, as Laura took all the knit samples we had and sewed them up. It is so soft and snuggy, how could Huck not fall asleep?

So we did leave sleeping babies lay for a bit and got some work done.
As always, Happy Knitting!


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