What more could a knitter ask for?!

Ok, you know how when you see a pattern in a book or magazine and the angle they shoot it from looks AMAZING...but you always wonder 'what does the back look like' or, 'what does that stitch pattern really look like up close'? And once in awhile, your doubts keep you from taking the erm, sheep by the...uh...horns...and knitting the project.

Fear not fellow knitters...Vogue has the answer. And it's brilliant. Vogue 360 not only gives you a 360 view of each and every garment in the magazine (starting with their Spring/Summer 2009 issue), but it gives you close-ups of things you never imagined possible without having it right there in front of you. Stitch details, under arm construction, under collars...it's literally like having a sample garment right there in front of you (minus the ability to fondle the yarn itself, of course...when we figure out virtual yarn fondling we'll let you know!). And, it's set to snazzy music ;-)

Seriously though--check it out. You can see the 360 degree view of all of the garments in the magazine, or once the first one starts playing you'll find a little bar down at the bottom to select specific ones. It's a fashion show right on your computer! A great example is the Botanica Medallion Cardigan (the cover knit from the Spring/Summer Issue) knit from Blue Sky Alpaca's Skinny Organic:

After seeing the 360, I think I'm in love! We've got the kit if you're in the same boat I am--you'll want to select 'Kit with book or pattern' if you don't already have the Spring/Summer 2009 Vogue, and make sure you have the needles (or order them separately--they aren't part of the kit). Because, you know...I need another project on my needles...don't you!?!


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