Help me out with a name...

So about a month back, I blogged about a little hat pattern I was working on the design for, and now I finally have the pattern finished! I am excited to be done with this design however, I am struggling with a name...any suggestions? I should have this pattern finished and ready by mid-next month but hopefully sooner than that! The pattern will be written for both the Small and Large sizes. I am so excited to debut this--I can hardly wait!

These two sample hats are done up in the in the Peach Tree and the Whale's Road colorways of Malabrigo Worsted Merino. I just love the softness of this yarn. It is amazing! The Peach Tree is the smaller version and the Whale's Road is the larger. The Peach Tree color seemed to pool a bit oddly on the small size, but I bet it would work just fine for the Larger one. This hat also looks great in a self striping yarn like the Noro Silk Garden as seen in the original version I made (and some of the colors are on sale right now, that's right, SALE).

Besides working on getting this design ready to go, I have been thinking a lot about, actually dreaming about, the new Berroco yarns we will be getting in this coming Tuesday... I really want to make the Napoleon Vest from the Blackstone Tweed book (and about 10 other things from the Norah Gaughan books). I'll be waiting with itchy fingers the moment the UPS van shows up at the store on Tuesday, ready to pounce on that Berroco shipment. Hopefully Amber and Ashley won't mind me diving in head-first!

But really, it's far to HOT here right now to be thinking of such things... I'll just continue along with my small and lightweight summer projects and dream of the cooler days of fall ahead... Happy knitting to all!


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  1. Kristen - I don't mean for you to "ride" on the popularity of a similar knitted item - but what about the Girasole Hat. To tell you the truth when I first saw the photo- that is what I thought it was the beginning of and then saw it was a hat - really cute!!! And feminine looking. One request - can we please see how these look on?