Be Sweet


I am so happy to report that Jimmy Beans is carrying products by Be Sweet, "a company with a conscious" - read this. I am really excited about our new Be Sweet Bambino Taffy Sweetie Pie Hat kit. At only eleven bucks, it is very affordable, and most importantly, it is super cute all knit up!! How cute is this hat?!!! I wish I had a baby to make it for . . . well there's always other people's babies I guess.

I also love Be Sweet's Extra Fine Mohair. Historically, I have not been a big fan of boucle, but this stuff is so bouncy and soft and gorgeous that I have made an exception to my rule. And the colors are AWESOME!!! We got a sample knit striped shawl sent to us last week, and Terry wore it around the store all day. I couldn't blame her - it is irresistible. Customers were fawning over it, demanding the yarn and pattern!! The great thing about this gorgeous yarn is that the simplest stockinette or garter stitch piece looks fancy and fabulous. That's the power of great yarn, I think.


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