Red Fox


We recently started carrying Fleece Artist yarns, and Sarah, Terry and I are all in love with the color "Red Fox" which is available in Merino 2/6 and Sea Wool. This image does not give the color justice. In person its earthy olive green and carnelian-orange positively glow. So striking, so beautiful, and I'm not a huge fan of earth tones, so this is a testament to the power of this magnificent color.

It reminds me of a bright orange fox in a lush forest. A year or two ago I painted a fox, and used an earthy olive green to complement her red fur. When I first saw "Red Fox" I was immediately reminded of my color palette for this painting.

Anyway, "Red Fox" is a gorgeous colorway and I'm going to have to buy some.

- Amerique

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1 comment:

  1. Now everyone is going to buy it and we won't be able to get our hands on it!!!!
    What a cute lil fox Amerique!
    -Sarah Geo