Over the top with new stuff!!

So I know I am harping on all the new stuff, but I just can't keep up!!! On Friday I added the Namaste Monroe bag AND Namaste Wallet to my collection and now I know you are gonna say, Jeanne, you really don't need another bag, but it is sooooooooo wonderful!! I got them both in red and just feel like a million bucks for sure!!

Then I hung out with my knitting buddies, Sandy & Barbara on Sunday and well we are ALL going to knit up the 'Blithe' sweater from the new Rowan Magazine, #47 on page 97. They both have stash Rowan Summer Tweed yarn for the project, but alas, I don't have anything in my stash to use for this one (the sweater does call for the Summer Tweed).

We discussed it, searched the site, discussed it some more and since I bought the bag I have to watch my pennies, BUT I want to get going, so I chose the Berroco Weekend yarn for the project. Of course I am going to knit a gauge swatch and make sure it will substitute in ok, but I am pretty confident about this one. I chose the color Dusk, #5935 and am excited to work this one up. The yarn is an acrylic/cotton blend and is super, super soft! I am in love with the color and the sweater too, so how can I go wrong?

I also, saw that Amerique had blogged about the new Be Sweet yarns and the diagonal wrap that we had in the shop for just a couple of days (Terry wore it all day the one day).

Here is my Diagonal Striped Shawl that I am knitting up out of the Extra Fine Mohair yarn and yummy is the perfect word for this project. Since this picture was taken I am on my 3rd sequence of stripes and am hoping to be done soon. This is a really fun knit because the yarn is fabulous and the pattern is so simple I am able to pick it up and put it down anytime.

Ok so I better pick it up and get a couple more rows done and I can move on to my sweater. Of course I could just knit a little of both of them at once. I wonder.....

As always happy knitting & crocheting!


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