Shop local is the word of the day!!

Where would we be without the small local business? Personally I think the small business is what makes shopping a unique experience. I love shopping with local artisans too and there is an upcoming local event on December 4th, the Rogue Art & Craft Village will be held at Rainshadow a charter school here in town! This event is put on by another wonderful local venue, The Holland Project which supports the local community's love of art and helps to foster that love in our young people too!

Classic Elite Yarns is having a Love Your Yarn Shop giveaway for just this idea of supporting our local businesses. I know I will be sending them my receipt for my $40.00 LYS purchase!

We always encourage you to frequent your LYS and I hope you have one that you love as much as I love mine. Of course mine is JBW, so I am a bit partial ha ha! I do send people to one of our other LYS's, Deluxe Yarns Etc., as Florrie has things that I don't always have.

Then there are fabulous shops here in town like Never Ender which our own Amber is a co owner with her mom Melanie! I was just in the shop the other day checking out some of the new offerings and WOW I am in big trouble!

I love popping by Never Ender and then crabbing a coffee at The Hub a quaint, cozy coffee house right next door. You can find Melanie chatting about the current fashions and brightening up the place before she opens her shop right next door!

I hope you will take time to get to know your local businesses and support them in your community, as it really makes a difference to all of us!

I wish you all a Happy Holiday this week and hope your week is filled with all the best of everything!

As always happy knitting and crocheting!


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