FO Friday and WIP Weekend!

For those of you who may be new to knitting or maybe haven’t yet heard the lingo, we have some fun terms here in the knitting world! For example, FO means “Finished Object” or a project that has recently been completed and WIP means “Work-in-Progress.” I know, you must be thinking, “Oh man, knitters are so cool they have their own slang words and phrases!” Yes, yes we are cool. Thank you! :)

So these phrases were the inspiration for my new Friday Blog feature-- FO Friday and WIP Weekend! The idea behind this new feature is to keep you updated what is going on in and around the shop at Jimmy Beans. It will fill you in on who’s knitting what, highlight finished projects, and in general, keep you in the loop as to what all of us “Little Beans” are up to!

We had a few exciting FO’s this week around the shop, all of which will be on the project log later for you to check out. First up, Sandy finished a beautiful Orchid Thief Shawl for her daughter. The pattern is from that book we’ve been talking a lot about lately-- Brave New Knits by: Julie Turjoman! The pattern is by Ysolda Teague a lovely knitwear designer from Scotland. (Sandy’s enthusiasm for this pattern has worn off on a few of us around here, which has led to a fun little project that i’ll tell you all about in a moment.)

Anyway, Sandy’s Orchid Thief was knit in Fleece Artist’s Merino 2/6 yarn in the Sea Shore color. She used a little more than one skein and is now using the leftovers for a beautiful Beaded Beret from Churchmouse Patterns. The original pattern called for Koigu yarn, but Sandy is finding the Merino 2/6 to be a nice substitute! Here she is showing off her new project proudly. Isn't she cute?!?!

Another fun project in the shop this week was a cute dishcloth I knitted earlier in the week. I know you must be thinking, “A dishcloth? Really?” Yes, really. But this isn’t just ANY dishcloth folks, it’s darn cute and a fun one to knit! I found the free pattern on Ravelry and it was a great way to practice short rows. (The one pictured was knit from some Bernat Cotton--a scrap yarn I had lying around at home.) I liked this pattern so much that I cast on a second one in Crystal Palace Cotton Twirl yarn and will probably be making a few more for baby gifts and Holiday Gifts. I mean, who wouldn’t want a cute dishcloth to use while cleaning up after that Thanksgiving turkey? I know I would! :)

Now it’s time for WIP Weekend! What are the “Little Beans” working on this weekend? Well, since Sandy got us all fired up about the Orchid Thief, we’ve decided to have a Jimmy Beans KAL (knitter-speak for Knit-A-Long). Sandy is having us all over to her house on Sunday afternoon to get started. Actually, I cheated a bit, and cast on already because I am going to be missing the first session, but i’m excited to get together and knit with everyone. Jeanne couldn't wait either so we took this lovely picture of the two of ours together this morning! We both chose to do ours in the Madelinetosh Merino Light yarn that has caused quite a buzz around here this week. One skein is exactly 440 yards which is what the pattern calls for, and the color I chose was the Lettuce Leaf color as it’s going to be a holiday gift for my mama who loves bright green. Jeanne is knitting it in the Lichen color. (Jeanne- i'm liken' your Lichen! He he!) So far there are quite a few of us Beans who have said that they will be participating in the KAL. Super fun!!!

Other WIP’s around Jimmy Beans for this weekend: I’ll be working on a Knitting Pure and Simple sweater (#105) in a nice tweed yarn for my new hubby Nick, now that the sweater curse has been lifted. :) Ailene is working on a blanket for a friend who is studying abroad in the Lorna’s Green Line Worsted. I heard Shevawn mention yesterday she was going to start a warm winter beanie for herself in the squishy and chunky Malabrigo Rasta yarn as its starting to get cold here...finally! Also, word on the street is that Bethany may be taking on her first sweater project in this month's Lorna's Laces Limited Edition Color-- Caramel Pumpkin Latte! Woo hoo!

Whew! We are a busy bunch! So that’s it for this weeks FO’s and WIP’s for the weekend. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend yourselves and stay warm out there my knitting friends!


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