Traveling? What to take along...

It is hard to believe that the holiday travel season is beginning, but it is and how do we manage our fiber arts with all the rules and regulations around flying? I get this question frequently around the shop and I have heard some sad stories too, so the first thing I do when I am about to fly is check the TSA's website for the most current dos and don't list!

One of our European travelers recently shared a great tip to make sure you can snip your yarn on the plane and she carries her dental floss with her in her knitting bag. Then she can use the little floss cutter for her yarn and is well within the allowed items list...BRILLIANT!

I also love the Knit Kit which meets all TSA rules and regulations for flight and has all the little what nots that we need for our projects!

Of course with the Holiday's barreling down on us, phew, there is the what to make in a hurry list!! I don't know about you, but about June I start to think okay this is the year that I present the most fabulous hand made gifts ever and of course now it's a little more than a week before Thanksgiving and I got nothing!

Sheesh is all I have to it's not completely true that I have nothing, but I have been gaily knitting along on all my favorite projects with a small idea of who will get what...NOT! Okay, okay I have done a traveling woman shawl in Kidsilk Haze for a certain someone who reads the blog, so shhhh!

I think it's time to get down to business and get some stuff made, so I am going to work up some of Kristen's Neckie's as gifts!

Wow I am already feeling better now that I made a decision! I will grab some Big Wool today and get those moving along, yay! I particularly love Wallace the dog in the Neckie and would make it for the dogs in my life too!

I think the Big Baby would be perfect for those and I am sure my Sierra would love her very own! I am also going to turn to my Last Minute Knitted Gifts for some quick gift ideas.

Of course I can do some of our very own free projects too!

Since next week I will have 4 days off for the holiday I think I can make a good dent in my gift knitting! Now I won't be flying next week, but I hope some of my ideas help you on several different levels to ease any holiday stress that you may be having. I know that I have helped myself to see a bit clearer about my holiday knitting, so thanks for listening!

As always happy knitting and crocheting!


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