A Few Of My New Favorite Things!

We've got quite a bit of new items here at the shop (don't we always?), and while I can't help but love everything, I've picked a few of my favorites to share with you :)

The Holiday Gifts issue from Interweave Knits is something I look forward to every year because it always has such spectacular gift ideas that are quick and easy -a requirement for anything I knit after Thanksgiving. This year's issue has something for everyone and definitely keeps the tradition of gift-tasticness going! There are so many wonderful projects including scarf, hat and mitten patterns, not to mention lace shawls, home decor and baby items. With this magazine you'll be set for next holiday season too!

Another longtime favorite of mine is the Knit Kit, and the color for 2011 just makes me love it more! A bright bold shade of cherry red, the Knit Kit is a small compact case that includes all the handy necessities you might need while knitting: stitch markers, crochet hook, row counter, scissors that meet TSA regulations (so you can fly with them!) and so much more!

For those who have recently transitioned from knitting as a pastime to knitting as an obsession, the Addi Lace Click is one of the newest must-haves. These interchangeable circular needles come with tips sizes US 4 through 11 and cables lengths 16, 20, 24, 32, and 40 inches. The lace tips have a fine tapered point (good for working on intricate projects) and are slightly shorter in overall length so they can be used comfortably with the shorter cables. Perfect for lace artist and sock knitters alike!

I saved the best for last, as my latest obsession has been the very subject of this book: Cowl Girls. New from Cathy Carron -also the author of Hattitude and truly a master of hip, funky fashion- Cowl Girl features 35 spectacular cowl patterns. With so many styles from glamorous to gaudy and everything in between, you could potentially knit a cowl for every day of the week... or month! I know I'm working on it ;)

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!


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  2. The lace tips are somewhat shorter overall so they may be used easily with the shorter cables, and they have a delicate tapering point (excellent for working on complicated tasks).

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