FO Friday and WIP Weekend!

Vic's Vortex
Happy Friday everyone!  Oh boy, do I have some beautiful projects to share with you today!  I’m so excited to show you what we’ve all been up to because, as usual, we’ve been busy little Beans this week.

Victoria stopped by in the shop last week and was so excited to share with us her Vortex Shawl, designed by Kristina McCurley. She knit this luscious violet version out of Fleece Artist Merino 2/6. Although we don’t currently carry that yarn, this pattern would work up lovely in the Hand Maiden Casbah or perhaps some of that lovely Dream in Color "Smooshy" that we just received.  When Victoria unfolded this lovely knit, my jaw just dropped.  It’s absolutely stunning!

Sandy's "Mercato dei Fiori"
With the shawl knitting bug going around, Sandy just had to start another Kieran Foley design.  I mentioned in last week's blog that she was taking the Mercato dei Fiori Shawl pattern to work on while visiting her darling grand-babies and she returned 10 days later with the whole thing completed!  Talk about speedy knitting! Sandy’s new shawl is definitely the talk of the shop. We can’t stop checking out her lovely knit, done in Universal Yarns‘ Classic Shades with Crystal Palace Mochi Plus for the color-work. It’s so pretty and cozy! It makes me want to hunker down in this cold weather we’ve been having and knit with some worsted weight yarn and big needles.  Beautiful job, Sandy!

Nicole and Grammaw
Some of you may remember the January Lorna’s Laces Limited Edition color, Nicole’s 1st Anniversary.  It was a beautiful blend of shades of blue and brown, inspired by Nicole’s wedding last year. Last week, Nicole brought in this amazing and enormous throw blanket that her husband’s sweet grandma made to keep her warm, while he is deployed in Afghanistan.  What an amazing gift!  I know that this, along with frequent skype phone calls, are helping Nicole and CJ get through this tough time apart and we are all hoping he comes home safely soon!  Although we no longer have this color available, check out the story behind it in the January Lorna’s Limited Edition Newsletter
Mr. Socks

Our final finished project this week is an awesome pair of hiking socks that Terry made for her mister.  They love to spend their weekends hiking all over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and these socks are going to keep his feet warm and blister free.  Terry used Knitting Pure and Simple’s Heavyweight Boot Sock pattern and about a skein and a half of Cascade 220.  They will be sturdy and strong and I’m sure he’s going to love them!

Onto this weekend’s WIP!  I only have one to share this week since we had so many FO’s. :)  A few weeks ago, when I shared with you about my birthday-related injury, I was just starting a sweater using Lorna’s Laces Green Line Worsted in the Royal Wedding Limited Edition color.  I began a Knitting Pure and Simple Sweater as soon as I could grip the needles again. However, after doing almost the entire yoke, I realized that the colors were pooling too much for my taste (a common problem with hand-dyed yarn, but easily avoidable with these techniques.)  Of course I didn’t think my project through very well in my haste to get started, and ended up with a serious pooling problem.  So I frogged it.  Ribbit!  After looking in my Ravelry queue, I remembered the lovely Corrine sweater from the Spring/Summer 2011 Knitty that I’d fallen in love with.  That was all the inspiration I needed to cast on again two nights ago. I’m now LOVING the result!  At the rate I’m going, it’ll be done next Tuesday.  Well, probably not, but it’s definitely a fast knit.  This sweater is also featured in our newest catalog, check it out!
Royal Wedding "Corrine"

Ok, well, I’m off to snuggle up on the couch with my doggie Wallace and keep working on my sweater.  It’s raining outside as I write this so it’s the perfect day for a movie and a fiber fix.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Happy knitting and crocheting!

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