Scholarships and Tornadoes!

Hello everyone!
First things first- We want to send out JBW's most heart felt thoughts and good wishes to all of the families and friends who have been affected by all of this horrible weather in the South and East here in the United States.  Tornadoes, floods, power outages! We have talked to quite a few of our customers who have been affected in some way by the weather. We all want you to know we are thinking about you and are here for you.

Also, we wanted to give you all an update about the Beans for Brains Scholarship awards. We will give you a full update on Friday (and announce the winners) but we just wanted to say THANK YOU! We had almost 3,000 applications come in for this years awards. Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word and get our applications into the hands of so many wonderful knitters and crochters. The applications were a joy to read (there are SO many super smart crafters out there) and we look forward to sharing the final 6 winners with you on Friday.

If you applied for a scholarship, keep your phones close! We will be calling winners to confirm details this week.

Thanks again!


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