New Lana Grossa Yarns Of Amazingness!

Featured Products Vlog: Episode 2 is here starring Lana Grossa's latest fashion fibers including Alta Moda Estate, Festa and Coccinella! Of course, yarn is just plain old yarn without spectacular supporting patterns, and you'll get to see some of my favorite designs for the fabulous fibers in Filati Magazine No. 41, Filati Handknitting No. 43 and the extremely popular Cotone Magazine! I also managed to finagle a special guest appearance (ok, it wasn't that hard) - be forewarned, you may need to put on your sunglasses for the last 30 seconds of this vlog)! :)

The Chain-Like Construction Gang: Cascade Eco Cloud, Lana Grossa's Alta Moda Alpaca, Alta Moda Cashmere and Alta Moda Seta, Berroco Flicker and Rowan Lima.

Special Guest Star:
Tosh Vintage in (Electric) Chartreuse. This color is not available on our website as it is a one-time dye batch that varies significantly from the regular Chartreuse colorway. If you're like me and just have to have it, give us a call and we would be happy to place your order (if there is any left available)!

Thanks for watching and have a fantastic day!
Happy knitting and crocheting!

Leanne :)

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