Fiber frenzy and thumb update

 The saga of the kitchen remodel continues, but the exciting news it that my sweetie, Geoff does NOT need surgery!!! He saw one doctor who said the dreaded 'S' word, but the next (specialist) said no and put a cast on, phew!!! He doesn't like the cast and I have given him one of my Crystal Palace 8 straight needles to scratch his poor arm. I will be sterilizing (LOL) that needle once all is said and done, but think it is great that knitting needles have come to the rescue.

Part of Toni's stash yummy!

Warp yarns to dye for!
On the one stitch at a time front my Cocoknits Liesl is in it's last round of decreases before the bodice run and has truly kept me sane through this dusty, crazy remodel. I have added learning to tapestry weave into the mix and have to say WOOHOO!

Allison and I took 2 classes with a wonderful local weaver, Toni Lowden and I can't tell you how wonderful the experience was. Toni has the most amazing way of sharing her knowledge and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time in her studio. Thanks Toni!

Ali's show-n-tell WOW!

I have been fiddling with weaving for a while and Toni helped cement some wonderful techniques and helped with some amazing inspiration for moving forward in my lust to work up my stash one way or the other. Working at JBW's has afforded me the opportunity to amass a small yarn store of amazing yarns and weaving will help use it up. Of course the problem will be that once I have used something up I will have opened up one more storage space... hmmmm, what to buy next :)

Allison's sampler in progress, way to go Ali!

My little sampler, not bad if I do say so myself!

As always happy knitting, crocheting and weaving!


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