Binding off on the KAL and a special Harry Potter treat!

Welcome to our final blog post for the Endless Possibilities KAL!  We’ve made it to the end folks!  (Or hopefully you will very soon.)  It’s been a fun road, and we are finally ready to bind off.  I’ve taken some pictures to share with you of what the bind off should look at since it is a bit tricky at first.  Once you do it a few times it’s quite easy!  This was a new one for me and I really loved learning something new.  So here’s how you do it:

Insert the threaded needle into the first two stitches on the knitting needle as if to purl.  Pull the yarn all the way through those 2 stitches.

Now run the needle back through the 1st stitch and run all the way through again.  Lift that stitch off the end of the knitting needle and let it go.

Your bind-off should look nice and loose, somewhat like the picture above.  This is a very stretchy bind off which is good for blocking later!

So that’s pretty much it!  Once you finish with the bind off, block your shawl and wear it with pride!  If you’d like to share your photo with us, I’ll be posting a gallery of finished projects on the Blog next friday.  If you’d like your Larch to be featured on the blog, please send your photo via e-mail to me (attn: Kristen) at  If you used a different yarn than the Endless Possibilities, please let us know what it was along with your first name (or Ravelry call sign) and I’ll put as many as I can into the gallery next week!  The deadline for this is Wednesday July 6th!
Lastly, I wanted to tell you all about the gorgeous new color Lorna’s sent us yesterday...the July color of the month- He Who Must Not Be Named!  You all voted and this beautiful color won!  

Thanks to all of you who gave your input!  As a special treat, we had one dyelots worth (40 skeins) of Shepherd Sock of each of the special Hogwarts house colors named after their house mottos.  We have “Bravery” for Griffindor, “Ambition” for Slytherin, “Intelligence” for Ravenclaw, and “Loyalty” for Hufflepuff.  Buy all 4 or just your favorite but get them quick because we only have a few to sell!

So that is it for today folks!  Hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend and I’m so looking forward to seeing your FO’s for the KAL next week!
Happy knitting,

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  1. With the sewn bind off - you insert the needle purl wise through the first 2 stitches - your photo is correct but the description says insert the needle knit wise

  2. Oh! Thanks for the correction! I must have mis-typed! I'll fix it now! :)

    Thanks again!