JBW Pet-fest, part one!!

Hi everyone! 
Buddy is the border collie and Wiley is the german shepherd mix.

As you know, we Beans are big time pet lovers. You all have seen Buddy and Wiley all over the site, but we thought you might want to meet some of our other pets too!!

This little lil' guy is Riley! He lives with Terry and is about 2 years old. Riley loves clawing at the furniture, so Terry has a squirt gun she uses whenever he is out of reach and claws her furniture.  Now all she has to do is to point it at him and he shakes his head as if she had squirted him.

Here's Terry's favorite story about Riley:
"He does lots of funny things but the best story about him is that he arrived on my doorstep in S. America, a tiny little kitten about 6 weeks old, on a cold rainy evening when I really needed a pet to keep me company.  He was hungry, cold and covered in fleas.  I fed and bathed him, tried to find if he belonged to anyone over the next couple of days.  He ended up staying and he's such a cool cat (the vet in S. America called him an angel), albeit annoying at times, that I brought him with me on the 23 hour journey back to the states and my mom's house.  He was great on the airplanes, never making a sound until the last hour before I landed at the Sacramento airport.  I think by that time he really needed to use the litter box.  People were really surprised to see that I was carrying a cat on board the plane."

These three troublemakers belong to Kathy! 

This is Tater and he is almost 2 years old.  His full name is Tater Bug.  His best trick is playing dead... with a twist!  If you make a gun with your fingers, point it at him, say BANG and he will immediately drop and roll over. Tater is a scaredy cat...he's afraid of everything from a piece of paper to strange and sometimes familiar sounds- even his own shadow! 

Lacey is 9 years old.  Her best trick is the high five. All you have to do is say "high five" and she will jump up and smack your hand with her paw. She is a bit crazy - it might be the terrier in her.  She just can't seem to contain the wild side in her at times.  She can get so over-excited that she will run in circles repeatedly sometimes banging into things!

And this is Harley who is also almost two years old.  He and Tater are half brothers who are two weeks apart.  Harley is the older one but he is the smaller one as he is the runt.  They do everything together and I mean EVERYTHING!  They eat, play, run around, fight, explore and even sleep together in the same crate at night.  Harley's best trick is SO CUTE! You pick him up and put him on his back in your lap and say pray and he will hold his front paws up together (slightly crossed) by his nose.  

And this cutie-patutie is Wallace!! This esteemed professor of a pup belongs to Kristen. He's got a lot of nicknames (aka. Wally Dog, Wally World, Wally Boy, Walrus, William Wallace, Mr. Snarffules, Snarffulupagus, Mr. Fluffy Face, or Wally T. Wallace) for only being 4 years old!

His best trick is finding intricate new ways to get into the garbage. 

 Kristen's favorite story about Wally Dog: "He's learned what certain words mean over the years. For example if you ask him if he wants to go for a "walk" or to the "dog park", he'll run to the door and bark and and jump around until you take him.  This has led us to not be able to utter those words in ANY conversation lest we get ourselves in trouble.  He also knows "Breakfast" and "Dinner" which spawns similar results.  "Bath" is the quickest way to take the wind out of his sails and usually results in him hiding under the coffee table.  Recently though, we've discovered that he knows what "Stinky Breath" means and any time we tell him he has it, he gets really embarrassed and shifty eyed, and leaves the room to sulk.  

And it's not just cats and dogs in the Bean family, Amanda has a 14 year old Chincoteague pony named Comet! Comet doesn't have many tricks per-say, but he definitely would be considered a trickster - there's no mischief he has not gotten himself into!  

He was Huck's first ride toward becoming a cowboy.  Even Laura hopped on for a gallop around the arena!

And that's just the beginning!  We've got lots more pets to share, so stay tuned! Do you have have pets too? Any funny stories you want to share? Feel free to tell us about them here or put them up on our Facebook page here so everyone can see your little bundle of love!! 

Thanks and happy petting (and knitting!)

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  1. love my dogs too, even if NO ONE makes patterns that would fit them beyond 16 wks old! (grin)

  2. Great Danes are beautiful pups! Thanks for sharing!

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