Wedding knitting is on my mind...

I am happy to report that my daughter (Shelly) and her spectacular beau, Rory are now officially engaged!!! Woohooo! Of course that means what to knit and will there be a wedding shawl? Shelly and Rory DON'T read this on penalty of beating with a US 50 plastic knitting needle :)

I just bought a bunch of Cascade Eco Wool in color 9004 to knit Brooklyn Tweed's (aka Jared Flood)  Umaro...lovely don't you think? I am considering knitting it in a single strand (if I follow the pattern I would double it up) and adding some repeats (# to be determined) to get the right size blanket. I will be swatching that ASAP!! I chose this beautiful yarn due to the ecological nature and of course the value doesn't hurt either, hee hee! The kids will appreciate that it is natural from the sheep and therefore environmentally sound. I chose the color due to my furry 'grand kids' (meow) and the thought that they may enjoy snuggling up to this beauty once it is done.

The date hasn't been set yet, but there is talk about October, so if there is to be a shawl I need to get this show on the road. Once the bride decides if she would like such a thing I will let you know what pattern, yarn and what not, so you can stress along with me on the actual completion of said shawl, ha ha!

At any rate we are all thrilled and can't be more excited for this fantastic family event. I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support on last weeks post and it's so nice to follow that one up with this wonderful news!!

As always happy knitting and crocheting!


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  1. Congratulations. A new kitchen and a new son-in-law. Too cool. I love Umaro too. I think it will be a winter knit, all that blanket on my lap is too much to think about in summer.

  2. Thanks and yes too much going on in my life, phew! Well once it gets big enough I will lay it off to the side of my lap, but it will be warm...sigh! They are worth it though!! :)

  3. What nice news for your family! And that pattern is gorgeous. I love the Eco + but I agree: the weight, the heat..argh. We are in a rainforest condition right now in Minnesota so it makes me sticky just to read about. But good for you for taking it on now!

  4. I saw that things are a bit over the top in Minnesota right packs? It's not so bad here and for now and I am not so far that it will be hot on my lap yet. Thanks for the congrats everyone!! Woohoo here we go!!

  5. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I've been doing some wedding knitting too- a shawl for myself for a late October wedding for this year. But I am going slow on this one for some reason (can't get my needles to move for some reason) -hard to see your last one leave the house I guess. Your chosen project is BEAUTIFUL!!!