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Happy Friday!

The last few weeks have felt like a whirlwind with all of us traveling far and wide, going on mini adventures (or quite grand ones, for that matter) and spending time with our loved ones. Terry just back from Washington for her son's wedding, Bethany went on an outing with her boyfriend to Alaska for a friend's wedding, and Ailene is gearing up to go study in China! Although not as far as the far East, I got to go on my own weekend trip a few weeks ago to bustling, wonderful Seattle, Washington.

Summertime in the Pacific Northwest always seems like a blessing to us desert folks - it's sunny (most of the time, at least) but not blistering hot. Plus, it rains! Yippee! Anywho, my boyfriend and I flew up to the Home of the Space Needle for the weekend to visit his sister and brother-in-law. Although, we only stayed a few days, we got to see and do a lot. And, of course, what's a trip without yarn thrown into the mix? Not one worth taking, I'd say. So, after a few days of 'subtly' dropping hints about a certain coveted visit to a certain yarn shop, I found myself on the ferry to Bainbridge Island!! At this point, you might be thinking, "Wait, didn't I hear this already?" Which is true - don't worry, you're not going crazy. This is also the same reaction that the nice ladies at Churchmouse had...bless their patience with us silly gals at Jimmy Beans. We sure do love their patterns. Jeanne did take the trip a few months ago for a fair-isle workshop but -don't worry - I have a few more things up my knitted sleeve.

Eat your heart out....
Flood love!
Jeanne said it before and I'll sure say it again - Churchmouse has the most beautiful shop! I was truely amazed by their displays and, of course, getting to see all of their patterns knit up in person! The Linen Stitch Scarf - a work-of-art. Seriously, that thing should be in the Louvre. Or in my closet. Both would be equally acceptable.
Of course, Churchmouse has a
fantastic selection of Jared Flood goodies from all of his patterns, plus his new yarn, Shetland!

A stripe for all seasons.
Anyways, after our excursion to Churchmouse, we stumbled across some yarn bombing in one the 'park squares' of downtown. Trees upon trees all gussied up in yarn splendor! Suffice to say, it was a wonderful surprise. Lately, it seems that the fiber arts have been getting more attention - whether it's due to the fact that there's more intrepid yarn bombers out there or maybe that everyone's catching on. Who knows? It's really great to see more and more people showing off their craft and placing fiber arts in a more public forum.

Here in Reno, the entire month of July is called 'Artown" where hundreds of local events featuring art, music, dance, etc. are showcased. This particular weekend will be an 'art bombing' event, put on by a local arts organization, The Holland Project. We are so excited to see what they're going to put on. One of my friends has been crocheting for hours upon hours, trying to finish - she says her finger tips are dyed!

Watch out for the "bridge troll"!

Well, that's enough of my fabulous weekend in Seattle. More pictures to come of the upcoming 'art bomb' event in the biggest little city in the world. How do you incorporate knitting and crocheting into your vacations? Detours to yarn shops, fiber craft museums? What have been your favorites? What about stumbling across yarn bombing or even meeting fellow fiber nuts along the way? :)

Well, whatever fun trips you've been on this summer, we all hope you're having fun, staying safe, and wearing lots of sunscreen!!

Happy knitting and crocheting (and yarn bombing!)

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  1. We loved being Jimmy Beaned here at Churchmouse. Thanks for sharing your energy and excitement with us. And that priceless "Flood Love" photo. We sent your link to Jared.