Settling in and the circle of excellence!!

It's hard to believe that we have been in the new space for over 2 weeks now...WOW! So I thought you might like a quick update on how things are moving along now and believe me they are!

Shevawn and Sharon are having a blast in the new space
We are starting to get organized now and it is so easy to find things that it is hard to remember how we were working before.  I shudder to think how we were running around literally dancing as we moved! One little bean would come down an isle and the other little bean would give way with a nice dance move. Well now there is no fancy foot work going on and it's GREAT!!!!

There is always time for a quick hug and smile at JBW's (of course that's not a new thing around here :).

Piet is enjoying one of the shipping desks

We now have a lovely shipping area with mail carts that can be rolled out to be picked up easily. No more fumbling packages...woohoo!! You can see that Piet is really happy about that!

Terry and her Retail gals have things moving right along

Got needles?? Well we do and they are so organized here on the slat wall in the retail space! Good work Terry and crew!!

Oh yea be sure to check out the Kollage square needles and hooks we have just added to the line up! I LOVE them!!!

Here Sara is saying goodbye to Amber on our new white board

Sara has been with us for a bit now and is leaving to go the college in Chicago. We will miss her!! (Although we know she will knock 'em dead there!)

Good luck Sara! We can't wait until the holidays to see you!

On top of all of that exciting news you have been out there rating us with Bizrate and we can't thank you enough!! This is the 3rd year in a row that you have rated us as a top customer service company (which has put us in the Circle of Excellence!!).  We are truly proud to be among only 83 business's to receive the award and humbled too! We are so happy that we are meeting your expectations!

You all deserve the best of everything when you are shopping and we really appreciate you looking to us to get it. However, don't worry we won't sit on our laurels, as our goal is to make sure you get the products and customer service you deserve!! Thank you ALL for your business and for taking the time to rate us!!! Thanks, thanks and thanks!!!

As always happy knitting and crocheting! Jeanne

PS you won't want to miss our next couple of Newsletters, as we have some really exciting top secret stuff that should be revealed there soon! Our Newsletters come out twice monthly, are free, secure and just down right fun!

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  1. Just placed my first order (for 2 patterns)and signed up for your blog...excited!

  2. Seems like it's been a great move. And congrats on the Circle of Excellence!

  3. Thanks! It's been a great over all experience!

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