Let's Quilt!!

As you may have noticed, we have added tons of lovely fabric to our inventory and, being who we are, we've been oohhing and aahhing all over the place! Fun projects have been dancing around in all of our heads and thanks to Sandy's encouragement, Laura and I decided to make our first quilts. Of course I right away thought of you all out there and decided to share this fun process. Sandy is a super experienced quilter and I am a pretty experienced seamstress, BUT Laura has never sewn a stitch, so you will get the entire spectrum of experiences from these posts. We are starting with a very simple strip quilt by Joel Dewberry from the book Sewn Spaces. I must say I am super excited!!!

Laura can hardly concentrate on work and Sandy (who is our instructor for this project) is already getting hers a few steps ahead of us. While I have sewn everything from soup to nuts (LOL), I have always avoided quilting because I thought it was too hard. I had to remind myself that I am always telling you all to give it a shot with your knitting and it's about time I take my own advice!!

So, on to step one; choosing our fabrics:

Here we are with our pile of options for this project. These stayed here for a week. Our assignment was to walk by the quilts every day and look at the fabrics.

We all did that and wait until you see our final choices next week...you will be surprised!

Our next steps will be to cut the fabric, wash it, trim all the threads and then iron each piece really well.

Below you can see Sandy being a show off (okay, okay she is the instructor so does need to be prepared :) Her project is moving forward nicely.

She is using:

Melissa White, Misaki Mallow and Bee
Kaffe Fassett, Classics Roman Glass

Kaffe Fassett, Classics Lotus Leaf
Kaffe Fassett, Classics Millefiore
Brandon Malby, Shingles

Stay tuned for more, and as always happy knitting, crocheting and sewing!!


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  1. Fun! I have only made a small baby quilt so it will be fun to watch your progress.

  2. Thanks! Stay tuned on this one...we are super excited! Jeanne

  3. Remember that quilting is usually only sewing a straight line. Easy compared to clothing construction.
    have fun.

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