Jeanne's fav's for 2011

Here we are well into 2012...okay maybe only 16 days in, but there are already so many new yarns and projects to consider that my head is spinning for 2012. However, I think you might agree with me that there are always a few favorites which we turn to as much as we can and I thought I would share some of mine from 2011.

Tosh Vintage "Crumble"
1. Madelinetosh (any weight and almost ALL the colors) and I just can't say enough about the quality of this yarn. I would remind everyone that this wonderful line of yarns does NOT have dye lots and that is because each hank is dyed on it's own. Now that doesn't mean that you can't work up an entire garment out of one color (Please call us. We will look at them for you), it just means that you should enter this special world of unique colors with limited expectations and I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised. I did say any weight and that is true, but I do have a favorite and that has to be the Vintage, due to the amazing quality of the base. The ply is firm and creates lovely stitch definition for any kind of a project that needs a worsted weight yarn. I also said most of the colors and that too is true, but of course I have a couple of favorites in each base. I am afraid there isn't enough room here to mention them all, so here are just a few:

-Tosh Vintage in "Crumble"
-Tosh Merino Light in "Black Velvet" 
-Tosh Prairie in "Terrarium"

2. Has to be the Classic Elite Vail, and of course it is a fingering weight (which might deter some), but it has a fabulous hand and works up beautifully! The blend of Alpaca and Bamboo lends this yarn to anything that you want to have a fluid drape...yummy!

3. This one is a real work horse in the yarn world and I love to work with it and it is Cascade's Eco Wool! This is by no means a new yarn, but I have used it (am using it) on several projects this year and have fallen in love all over again! Here you can see my Umaro by Jared Flood and I have added another repeat and a half to this...which is for my daughter and her new husband...shhhhh!

If you are interested in the project details check those out here.

4. I love working with super bulky yarns and I have to say that I am excited about the Plymouth DeAire!! It has a lovely lofty woven ply and calls for a US 15 needle, so what's not to love here? It has a lovely feel in the hank and works up with great stitch definition and FAST!! I am particularly fond of color 705 Portland, but any of you who know me are aware of my lust for anything green.

Wild Onion

5. Last but not least is The Fibre Company Acadia...ooohhhh so yummy and super soft and luscious to the touch. The fiber content is amazing, 60% Merino Wool, 20% Baby Alpaca and 20% Silk and with it's lovely 'slubby' texture this yarn has real personality! I know I mentioned my green fetish, but my favorite (at least for now LOL) is the Wild Onion in this line. It is so pretty and I know this onion won't make me cry.

Okay I have only mentioned 5 of my fav's in this post and I have to say that I am constantly touching something as I cruise through the shop and oohhing and awwwing, but these are foremost in my mind at the time of this writing...who knows what it will be tomorrow ha ha! Be sure you check out the pattern support for all of these lovelies and for now I need to go knit, so I can calm down!  Also, feel free to leave a comment and let us know what your favorite yarn was this last year!

As always happy knitting, crocheting and of course now sewing! (for those of you following the quilting saga don't worry there is more coming soon on our adventure)


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  1. Thanks for posting your favorites! I would love to know which sock yarn is your favorite. I am a new sock knitter and I am already addicted. Thank you!

  2. Dyann...gosh I wanted to talk about sock yarns too, but it's so hard to limit myself ha ha! I am completely and utterly in love with Lorna's Laces!! I am using their Solemate right not to make some Turkish Bed Socks by Churchmouse. Keep in mind the bases take the dye a bit differently, so feel free to call us and we can tell you more! Thanks for the comment and I am glad you like the post!! Jeanne