Botanical Knits is Here!

For months we've waited with needles at the ready for the release of Alana Dakos' latest book, Botanical Knits, and now the printed copies are finally here! Botanical Knits is a collection of 12 knitting patterns inspired by nature. Each design very much embodies Alana's personal style, and is uniquely beautiful with various leaf and floral motifs. 

Alana, of Never Not Knitting blog and podcast fame, has been creating beautiful designs for years and is most known for her independently released patterns in her Never Not Knitting line, as well as  the book Coastal Knits which she released in 2011 with Hannah Fettig.

Botanical Knits, her first self-published collection entirely her own, is a true testament to her talent and knack for beautiful design. Each pattern is photographed beautifully and is complete with both written and charted directions. What is nice is that Alana also recommends alternative yarns for each of her patterns, making it easy to find a substitute and give you more options.

Here are some of my personal favorites from the book:

Pressed Leaves Beret

Twigs and Willows Cardigan

Wrapped in Leaves Shawlette

Forest Floor Tam

Autumn's Ends Pullover

This is only a small sampling of the lovely designs in the book--there are so many that I want to make! At Jimmy Beans, we loved each and every design so much, that we made kits for each one. Check them out if you are thinking about making something. Botanical Knits is also available as an e-book directly from Alana, so if you prefer to download it instead, feel free to check out that option. I kinda love how a book feels in the hand so I'll be taking a copy home with me today! 

In any case, Botanical Knits is definitely worth checking out for yourself. It's a beautifully done book that makes a wonderful addition to your knitting library (and mine too!)

Happy knitting!

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