Handmade is the Word of the Day.

I am a HUGE fan of Alabama Chanin, the amazing Alabama-based sustainable clothier and design company!  I bought one of their books from the Nevada Museum of Art sometime ago and have been in love ever since. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was beautiful and had the most amazing hand work in it that I just couldn't resist. Then when we started carrying fabric here at the shop I really got excited when we added all of their books to our line up and am finishing out my collection through the shop.

I started with the Alabama Stitch Book and we now have the Alabama Studio Style, as well as their most recent publication, Alabama Studio Sewing + Design...lovely books!!! They are full of inspiration and fantastic tips and techniques and even include yummy recipes!! What's not to love?

I have been an avid crafter, sewer, mixed media artist and knitter my whole life, of course not all of those things at the same time, but you get the idea!! The bottom line is I like it handmade whenever I can get it and am continually looking for inspiration in any form that it may present itself in my life and Alabama Chain has won my heart!!

The most inspiring thing for me personally is the hand work, as I was taught to embroider at a very young age by my mother and grandmother, so any hand stitching holds a special place in my heart. I think that the reverse applique that they use in their designs is a stroke of genius and works a many levels. I love the way their style lends itself to repurposing of so much of my current wardrobe and there is such a wonderful grass roots movement these days to use what we already have that I am truly inspired to dig through my clothes and find new ways to where them and create new fashion statements with my old favorites!!

At this point in this post I have decided to let the pictures tell the story and hope that you have an inspirational, handmade spring day!!

Stay tuned for some upcoming Alabama Chanin-inspired projects. Also, a little bird told me that we might be getting some of Alabama Chanin's Organic Jersey fabrics in stock this summer! Until then...

Happy knitting, crocheting, sewing and creating!!


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  1. I love that dress in the dragonfly fabric! If there a link?

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