Huck went to the farm...

Huck's garlic is amazing!!

As most of you know I am completely and utterly in love with Huck and recently had a chance to take him to my daughter and son-in-laws urban farm here in Reno, Earth Alchemy Farm. The farm recently acquired some baby chicks to boost their egg production and when I mentioned it to Huck he jumped at the chance to go and see them!

What's on the other side of the fence?

Huck is a budding farmer in his own right and this last fall we planted some organic garlic together and it is growing quite well! I tried to get him to pose by his garlic, but alas he was a little distracted by the goings on in the yard beyond the fence.

Chickens love Pea Shoots!

Once I was able to pry him away from the fence at his own house we jumped in the car and off we went to the farm. He was a bit shy at first (it has been about a year since he was there last), but warmed up to Shelly and Rory quickly and seemed to enjoy himself immensely.

Wow check out the greenhouse!!

Our first stop was outside to see the older chickens and give them some snacks. We then toured the greenhouse and he was quite impressed to know that the greenhouse is producing micro greens for over 17 restaurants (and counting!), our local Great Basin Food Co-op and will be on a local delivery system real soon! That's a lot of micro greens!! The farm is just finishing up their winter CSA and it was yummy!

Huck and Shelly are good friends now!

I can't believe Huck is going to be 4 in a couple of weeks and has his own urban farm going as well! While we were visiting Shelly was making Pad Thai and while he didn't want to eat the eggs, he went nuts for the the noodles and I was feeding him like  my own little Huck was so cute! He also loved, loved, loved the jungle peanuts that the kids had roasted...yum, yum!!

Huck wasn't ready to hold the chicks,
but did love watching them

All in all it was a really fun visit and I am so glad that I can be a part of his gardening education!

Do you plant a garden? If so we would love to hear about your adventures...

As always, happy knitting, crocheting, sewing and gardening!


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