Beth's Holiday Travel Traditions.

Beth Casey from Lorna's Laces recently shared with us her inspiration for the color she created for our 2013 Holiday Collection. Her's is the first of many stories we'll be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks. Here is what Beth had to say about her holiday travel traditions:

“How do I celebrate the holidays? Well, my husband's birthday is December 25th. My birthday has always been special to me and I wanted to make sure his didn't get lost in the holiday craziness. So we decided early on that we'd spend Thanksgiving with family and travel as often as we could for Christmas. Sometimes it's been exotic like Paris or Istanbul. Other times it's been simpler, like Portland or Door County. One year we just got a hotel room downtown and pretended we were tourists in our own hometown.  Of all the places we've spent the holidays, I think Paris was our favorite. It's such a beautiful city and there's always something new to discover.

We tend to keep a pretty loose schedule when we travel. We like to pick one place to see each day and start walking towards it in the morning. We stop wherever our fancy takes us along the way. Sometimes we get to our destination quickly and sometimes the journey takes us somewhere entirely different. Tomorrow is always another day.  As long as we're together, it's a holiday!”

We hope you've enjoyed this little sneak peek! Stay tuned for more stories over the next couple of weeks until we debut the collection on November 23rd!

Happy holidays! 

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