Felicia's Travel Traditions

We asked Felicia Lo from Sweet Georgia yarns to share with us her travel story and the inspiration for her yarn for our 2013 Holiday Collection and here is what she had to say:  

"While Vancouver inspires my deepest devotion during the sunny and green spring and summer seasons, when November rolls around, I am desperately clamoring for some more sunshine.

Before our honeymoon two years ago, I had never actually been to Hawaii but I had always thought vacationing in Hawaii was a bit cheesy. It was probably the distorted image I got from watching too much television, but it just seemed to me to be all cliché surf themes, flowers in drinks, and of course the large print Hawaiian shirts. But our trip to the smaller, quieter island of Kaua’i was simply beautiful.

The whole island, while being overrun by wild chickens, also smells entirely like plumeria and hibiscus flowers. It’s little wonder they call it the Garden Island. Since there are regulations in place that prevent any building from being taller than a coconut tree, it feels very lightly inhabited. Everywhere you look, all you see are coconut, mango, avocado, and guava trees, mountains and water.

Hanalei, on the north shore of Kaua’i, is a peaceful little town that boasts a gorgeous white sand beach and a constellation of fresh fruit carts. This place feels meditative, restorative and magical. Sitting on the north shore and watching the sunset in Kaua’i is at once refreshing and relaxing. And if you get tuckered out by the idea of all the surfing, hiking, boating and swimming in Hanalei, there is a perfect little yarn shop in town that sells hand-dyed yarns and ukuleles! What else could you possibly need for an ideal holiday?"

These sunset photos really represent Felicia's color well. We can't wait for you to see the real thing! Check back here tomorrow for another Holiday Collection sneak peek and be sure to check in this Friday, the 22nd for the big reveal!

Happy knitting and crocheting!

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Travel Traditions


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