Taiu's Travel Traditions

We asked Taiu what her holiday travel traditions were and how they inspired her 2013 Holiday Collection color. Here is what she told us: 

"Where do you go on holidays? That's a good question, and to that I ask ‘whats a holiday’? When you run your own business and have a daughter that has a crazy extracurricular life (that would be me), holidays are very rare. I dance right through the year and by the time a holiday comes all I want to do is sleep. When we do travel it’s for business, and I'm grateful for being able to travel with my mother across most of the United States, and most recently I was able to travel to Koln (aka. Cologne), Germany for a trade show. Going to Koln was my first trip overseas, and out of everywhere in Europe I'm glad it was Germany.

In Germany I felt completely immersed in the history, culture and the food. Whether I was eating Schnitzel, Pork Knuckle, mashed potatoes or the trip to the Lindor Chocolate Museum, the food was delicious. Then there was the Cologne Cathedral, the Ludwig museum of art and my favorite the Hohenzollern Bridge. The bridge crosses over the River Rhine, and has been rebuilt due to a bombing in WW2. My favorite part of the bridge is the Love Locks. Over 40,000 colorful locks are scattered across the bridge. It’s a beautiful and special experience if you ever get to walk across the bridge and see the different shapes and sizes of the locks, that all symbolize a couples love."

We loved hearing Taiu's travel story and can't wait to show you what the color it inspired looks like. It's really perfect! Stay tuned for more awesome stories leading up to the big Holiday Collection reveal next Friday, the 22nd!

Happy Monday!

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Travel Traditions


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