Huck's Gum Drop Pillow

Over the weekend, Laura decided to take a stab at sewing the Gumdrop Pillow by Amy Butler for the Huckster. She had been eyeing the Rebekah Ginda Robotic Fabric from Birch Organics, so she grabbed enough on her way out the door and got started. Luckily, with Huck being the super-helper that he is, this turned out to be a pretty fun project for everyone!

Laura looked to Amy Butler's class to make the Gumdrop Pillow for easy step by step instructions with videos. You can download the PDF of the pattern from the Amy Butler website and print out all of the pattern pieces you need at home, or if you prefer a pre-printed version, you can order it from us here. Be sure to check out all of our great sale fabric while you are at it. (Never said I wasn't an enabler.)

Next up, Laura and Huck are making a second pillow in Tina Givens' Star Flakes and Glitter Christmas fabric to take to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the holidays. Won't that fun?!?!

Happy Sewing!

-Kristen and the JBW Team

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