Dashing Doggo-naire: 10 Free Patterns To Keep Your Pupper H*ckin' Happy This Winter

This list was inspired by our local SPCA, the first charity chosen for our 2018 Year of Giving, and the latest trends in DoggoLingo and Dogspotting! But mostly it's all about keepin' your pups nice 'n snug all winter long.

(All patterns are free on Ravelry!)

by Angelcatkins (Elizabeth Watkins) Designs
Try it with Cascade 220 Superwash 
(colors shown at right: 872, 862 & 1926)

12/10 puguccino, would pet again

by DROPS Design Team
Try it with Cascade 220
(colors shown at right: 8414, 4192, 8505)

14/10 love at first bite

by Jodi Lewanda
(colors shown at right: 706, 704, 728)

13/10 looks doggone good to me!

by Jacqueline Cieslak
(colors shown at right: Moonstone, Dustweaver, Smokestack)

11/10 Be still my borkin' heart...

by Lion Brand Yarn
Try it with Plymouth Gina
(colors shown at right: 04, 02, 05)

12/10 Human, fetch me my bone!

by Kj Hay
Try it with Cascade Tangier
(colors shown at right: 06, 23, 01)

11/10 the fluffiest of flufferinas, loves her hu-mom

by Joann Rogers
(colors shown at right: 16, 01)

12/10 cold paws... warm heart!

by Lisa M. Barnes
(colors shown at right: 113, 117, 115)

11/10 das a good boy!

By Three Cats and a Dog
Try it with Cascade Avalon
(colors shown at right: 12, 17)

13/10 stop, drop, shut 'em down open up... blop

by Megan Barclay
(colors shown at right: 324, 322)

10/10 *spike-drop* "I'm out!"

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  5. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just dipping your paw into the world of DIY pet fashion, our blog is your go-to source for doggone good ideas. Subscribe to embark on a journey of tail-wagging creativity with our Dashing Doggo-naire and ensure your pup is the most stylish and content canine on the block this winter!
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  6. Looking to keep your pup h*ckin' happy this winter? Check out the "Dashing Doggo-naire" for 10 free patterns! From cozy sweaters to stylish accessories, these patterns ensure your furry friend stays warm in style. Perfect for all breeds, including those from French dog breeding backgrounds.