Micro-Brewed Bold Betty Of The Month: January

Bold Betty of January

Jeannette Rankin
Our Micro-Brew Club theme for the year is "Bold Betties". Each month we asked our Micro-Brewed "indie" hand-dyers to choose a strong woman in history that they find inspiring. This month, Kimberly of Western Sky Knits chose Jeanette Rankin, the first woman in congress. We got the chance to ask Kimberly some questions on Bold Betties and who inspires her! Take a look! 

Q: Why did you choose Jeannette Rankin?
A: I chose Jeannette Rankin because I have been inspired by the Women's 
March and reflecting on women's representation in government - this
led me to Jeannette Rankin who was the first woman elected to the US
Congress (and from Montana). She wanted to go to Washington to get
women the vote nationwide and also to work for reforms for mothers and

Q: Who is the most influential woman in your life and why?
A: My mother-in-law June is a woman who sees what she wants and goes
after it ... creating her own business on the ranch and tirelessly
working to make it the success it is today. She inspired me to follow
through and create WSK.

Q: What inspires you to be a Bold Betty?
A: My children.

Q: If you were in congress, what would be your cause? 
A: Probably health care and public education. One of my children is 
severely disabled and every day I deal with this broken system of
health care. I'm also a local school board member and see first hand
the under-funding of our public schools and how that effects the
children and our teachers.

Q: Finally, what is the most Bold Betty thing you have ever done?
A: Running for the local school board.

Micro-Brewed Club: January
Hand-dyer: Western Sky Knits
Colorway: Jeannette
Yarn: 4-Ply Fingering, 100% SW Merino
Bold Betty: Jeannette Rankin

"We're half the people, we should be half the congress" - J. Rankin

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  1. Hey Jimmy-How can I get Just this colorway without a subscription? Being that MY name is Jeanett, although spelled differently, I’d love to get this yarn!

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