Tahki Yarns Terra Collection: Eco-Friendly Since 2008

Terra Collection

knit.wear & WOOL STUDIO presents:

The Terra Collection is a compilation of 11 simple silhouettes knit with Tahki Yarns' line of eco-friendly wool. Since 2008, Tahki has celebrated natural fibers with yarns that are undyed or dyed using eco-friendly products, made with organic fibers, or minimally processed. No matter how they came to be, each one feels good in your hands and good in real life! 

Scroll through for project inspiration, and to learn more about these earth-friendly yarns!

The original Terra yarn, Montana is a roving wool available in bulky and super-bulky weights. 
The available eight shades come in natural sheep-colored hues or are dyed using eco-friendly processes and products.

Big Montana Almond Wrap

Big Montana Walnut Poncho

Montana Elm Ribbed Cowl

Big Montana Banyan Jacket

This earthy, organic blend of wool and alpaca contains two bulky rovings 
plied together to create a round, robust twist that, if knitted loosely, will drape 
more than most super bulky yarns.

This crisp, worsted weight blend of wool and alpaca comes in five natural 
heathered shades and seven marled shades.

This super bulky alpaca yarn is available in eight dyed shades and provides an 
animal-friendly fur look that's great for accessories and fashion accents. 

Organic wool and alpaca combine to create an airy boucle that works 
up quickly and creates texture in the simplest of stitches.

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