The Fabulous Feast Of Wild Men

The Feast of Fabulous Wild Men.

Celebrated on January 12th, the age old tradition of The Feast of Fabulous Wild Men is a holiday created by the internet. My mother was truly right (don't tell her I said that) when she told me, "Anything is possible!"

While we have no idea where or why such a celebration originated, we know that the internet says it exists and the internet is always right ;) Although there are no guidelines as to how we should celebrate this day, we took the wild liberty to define it ourselves and highlight some of our favorite male knitters!

Stephen West

Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Stephen West is easily one of our favorite designers. His creative genius is easy to recognize and hard to imitate. He hosts workshops around the world and towards the end of last year, he graced us with his presence in our shop! Needless to say, we were starstruck!

Chris Salas

Chris has been a part of the family for a few years now and we couldn't be happier about it! We are really excited to have a custom design from him for our Big Beanie Bag Club this year.

Josh Bennett

Hang on one second, I am picking my jaw up off of the floor...Not because of his good looks, but because of his talent! He has worked with the CFDA, Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander Wang, Perry Ellis and countless others.

Jared Flood

As the founder of Brooklyn Tweed, Jared has helped create and grow the knitting community into something even more special. Growing from a just a blog in 2005, Brooklyn Tweed now manufactures and develops all of their yarn in the USA.

Kyle Kunnecke

There is nothing we admire more than those who use their passion to help others. In 2009, Kyle led a worldwide movement collecting squares from knitters and crocheters around the world to make a blanket for a man battling cancer.

Martin Storey

As the lead designer of Rowan Classic, Martin Storey has created the classic knits that we all love.

Arne & Carlos

With a strong influence from their Scandinavian background, these two fellas are known for their colorful and striking designs. Their work is even on display in several museums throughout the world.

Ryan Gosling

We are featuring Ryan Gosling as an honorary "Dude Who Knits" 'cause...well...just 'cause.

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  1. This post put a smile on my face as I sipped my morning tea. Thanks.

  2. Nice to read about nice guys! My dream Ryan Gosling knits, and so do George Clooney and Justin Timberlake.

    1. Justin can dance and knit!? Oh my goodness...

  3. I remind the men in my life that knitting was a guild restricted skill before the invention of machine knitting. Women were not allowed to knit because it took a job away from a man. After the industrial revolution & invention of knitting machines, hand knitting became a hobby or cottage industry for women.

  4. Interesting, but how about featuring some men is sports, entertainment, politics, etc. who knit. Surely there must be some.

  5. If you ever need another entry to the list....Check out Sam Barsky. He knits amazing sweaters of his own design that have places on them. He has a sweater for every occasion and place!!!

    1. Just checked him out! AMAZING! I remember reading about him not too long ago in an article from Lonely Planet! Way too cool.

  6. Where is Kaffe Fasset?

  7. No Drew Emborsky?

  8. Hooray to the men who knit!! Keep the art alive.

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