Dinner with Knitting Pure and Simple

Last night Doug and i had dinner at Diane's house - the knitting genius behind my favorite Knitting Pure and Simple patterns. If you've ever ready our newsletter - or visited the shop - you're probably sick of hearing how great i think she is. Well, get ready to be sick again - cause i'm going to rant and rave about what a good time we had :)

To put it bluntly, Diane Soucy & Lorna Miser (the original "Lorna" from Lorna's Laces) are almost solely responsible for the opening of Jimmy Beans Wool. If i hadn't met Lorna - and she hadn't introduced me to Diane, I don't know if i would have ever had the guts (or the expertise) to open a store - especially since i had only been knitting for about 9 months! So, not only am i forever indebted to Diane for her contribution to my happiness, but i think of her every morning as i sip coffee out of one of the mugs she bought me many years ago... and i think of her every afternoon as i work on the computer and wear the slippers she made me! She's a wonderful person - and has a permanent place in my heart. ok - enough with the sappiness... (please don't tell anyone i got all mushy - i do have a reputation to protect - ha!)

Anyway, dinner was fantastic - Diane, Renie (a mutual friend) and I spent 30 minutes looking at blogs and checking out photos of Diane's grandkids - while doug and fred (diane's husband) sat and talked about... i don't know, cars??
Even though it had been years since we had all gotten together, it felt like we were just together yesterday. Friendships like that mean everything to me!

Like old times, Diane helped me with a knitting question (as usual). This time, however, my question wasn't as much technical as it was about color selection. I just started a blanket for a pregnant friend - in pink and brown - and i'm struggling with how to stripe the colors... (you can see the photo below). Armed with lots of options - and good advice - i think i'll go for 2 rows of brown to 12 rows of pink (it's a 14 row pattern). I hope it looks ok!
p.s. her 3 boston terriers are almost as cute as our dogs... Almost.

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  1. I have a couple of these patterns for sweaters I haven't tried yet. I'm looking forward to making some wooly warm winter sweaters in sisik (i scored a lot of it on ebay) and a red pullover in plymouth's galway. Both should be wooly and the patterns appear almost idiot proof. Perfect for me!

  2. Rudee-- I laughed at the "idiot proof" description! In the store I often reference KPS patterns as "talk to me like I'm stupid" kind of directions. Diane really does walk you through things, assuming you don't know anything. Dive in there!!

  3. Awwww, Laura, you made me weepy!
    We need to get together more often!


  4. We will! As soon as we return from the east coast (and the threat of snow is gone), you'll have to come over for dinner... :)

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