The downside of working in a yarn store....

A few days ago, I started working on the Ivory Ab Fab Kit as a wedding gift for a friend (my best friend from grade school). I love working on it – and I have high hopes that she’ll love receiving it. But what is it about ‘having’ to work on something - that makes you want to work on 1,000 other projects? When I came in the store today, I basically had to walk thru the aisles with my eyes shut – and heaven forbid I open a pattern book. I made that mistake once this morning (A Seasons Tale, one of my favs) and I almost picked out the yarn for 3 different projects (i am going to knit that raglan turtleneck eventually)!!

Walking around the store – and watching everyone pick out projects – takes some serious discipline. It’s not like working in an ice cream shop where, no matter how many new flavors they introduce, you eventually get sick at the mere thought of ice cream. Nope, it’s not like that at all. If anything, it’s the opposite. Being around it just makes you want – and crave - more!
Ok, ok, ok - back to my ivory afghan… only 150 rows left before I can start something else (and before Wiley decides that the yarn should really be his). Someone should do their psych dissertation on us knitters, don’t you think?

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working in a yarn shop


  1. These dogs are so spoiled! Eating that beautiful kit that I wound up for you, sheesh! Wiley and Buddy, sit and stay!

  2. Jimmy, I love your new blog. I'm glad you're including stuff about you, Doug, your dogs, and your life, as well as about the store.

    Btw, dogs make great models to show off your knitting. I use my German Shepherd, Taenzer, to model socks, scarves, shawls, and hats. :)