Dual Grandpas: I'm headed to the East Coast

I'm finishing up a few last minute items (placing orders, paying bills, packing, etc.) before heading to the East Coast tomorrow.

Doug and i are flying into Harrisburg PA to visit my grandfather (pic to the left - he visited last year and we picked apples at Apple Hill - he's 90!) on Wednesday... we'll spend Thursday doing a tour of the Hershey factory, then head over to his retirement kingdom in Mechanicsburg... then dinner with him and Derr (his friend).

That night we'll start driving down towards NC for the wedding of my elem. school best friend (i grew up in Raleigh, Cary and Apex). Allison and i are having lunch on Friday (we'll see how far we get thursday night, then drive the rest on Friday morning), then getting our toes done, and then all heading to the rehearsal dinner that night. Saturday is the wedding - my dress is all pressed and ready to go (whew - i barely fit in it - tough winter). Doug flies out of Raleigh on Sunday - back home to see the dogs - and i'll drive up to Fairfax, VA to visit my other grandpa (pic on right) for a few days.

This grandpa (Bob - and he's 81) has been my best friend for all of my life. I honestly can't even tell you how much he means to me
- he taught me to use a computer, how to email, how to play golf and how to be a good person (at least how to try!). He and I used to email almost daily before he was struck with a form of alzheimers and dementia. Just 4 years ago, he went from running 3 miles a day and playing tennis to having a tough time with balance and cognition. Even though we can't email anymore, i still get to see him twice a year! As the only ones left in the family, our visits now mean more than ever. I'm a lucky girl!! I'll stay with him until Tuesday night, when i drive back up to PA and stay with grandpa above (whom i also love very much!) before flying home next wednesday. A whirlwind tour in 7 days - i'd have it no other way!

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  1. Really AWESOME! I have been a bit mushy all day and I have tears in my eyes. Who says you are tough? Not me.... :)

  2. I found your loving comments about your grandfathers very touching. How wonderful that they have been precious guiding lights for you, Laura.

    Charlene in Sacramento

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