Um, Self Cleaning Oven?

Ok - i'm an idiot (but most of you already knew that!).

I was making coffee (yes, every once in awhile i actually make one for doug - it just doesn't look as cool) and noticed the "Clean" button on my oven. Hmm... why, yes! i'd like for things to be clean in here - i'm getting kindof sick of doing dishes and folding laundry (don't laugh doug - i HAVE done dishes before.... just not lately, ok? haha). So i pushed the button - the oven even made me push it twice, as if making sure that i really wanted to do this. Yep - i do!

The oven started going - making noise and heating up. Now, my desk is on the opposite side of the room, maybe 20 feet away. All of the sudden my eyes were burning and my throat hurt. Uh oh - maybe i should have pushed the button when i knew we would be gone? I opened up a few windows and that seemed to make things better. whew.

Not 10 minutes later, doug comes up stairs and asks why it's so cold... and why the heater is running full blast. (Keep in mind - it snowed all day here yesterday - and is a balmy 33 degrees outside right now. see above photo for example.) I told him that i was 'cleaning'!! He just started laughing - and then laughed even harder when he asked, "um, maybe that's a good thing to do .... in the summer??"

anyway - the timer said the cleaning cycle still had 2 hours left, so i went over and cancelled it... it was either that or wear goggles at my desk for the rest of the day. :)

p.s. here's one of my favorite photos of wiley - from a camping trip we took 3 years ago... ah, summer!

p.p.s. yes, jeanne, i know i am supposed to be taking the day off - i'm just doing a few hours of stuff and then i'll goof off - i promise!

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  1. I'm so glad you have a blog! I have been a customer for years, and have spent a lot of time in the Tahoe area... mostly during the fabulous autumns.

    I'm trying to subscribe to your post feed, but it's not working. Can you help with that?

  2. Thanks for reading! Unfortunately, I'm still not sure how all of this works. For instance, should i be replying to you personally? Or am i supposed to leave a comment here? Guess i should read a bit on blogging, eh?!
    As far as subscribing to the posts, i'll try and figure it out... !

  3. Hello,

    I'm a new customer, placed an order a few days ago, received it promptly, but in the wrong color.
    I tried your "contact us" page, but it wouldn't open.
    What do I do with this wrong color? Can you help?

    many thanks,