The A-Team: Too Fast for their own Good

Yay! Our shipping team at the store (the A-Team: Amber, Amanda, Ashley) has been running more efficiently than ever... in fact, they are so good that they are finding themselves near the end of the day with almost nothing to do...

Well, bored no more, i'm telling you! Last night the latest Sale List from Rowan showed up in my inbox and i almost couldn't sleep, i was so excited. I quickly jotted down my choices (then checked it against my budget) and emailed an order off.

This time next week, UPS (poor Jerome!) is going to be delivering about 30 LARGE boxes of yarn. Of course, the A-Team is so efficient these days, i guarantee that they'll have it unpacked, counted, sorted, and stored away in about 3 hours. Then what will they do? (Last time we got a shipment like this, i heard that they had the yarn version of a pillow fight... oh boy. good thing we have worker's comp.)

That said, I'll working over the next week to put the order into the system, but here are some examples of what we're getting (all will be 50% or more off):

Kidsilk Spray and Night: all colors
Alpaca Soft: all colors
Country: all colors
Cashsoft 4ply and Dk again!!
Calmer: select disc colors
Wool cotton: select disc colors
Kid Classic: select disc colors

Oh yeah - did i mention that we're in the middle of a whiteout right now? Yep, snow in April! (and the photo above is of the A-Team - and others - at the cooking class we all recently took together)

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  1. At least yarn is soft, so there shouldn't be too many injuries.