A little faster gratification...

Well...it's done, and I have to admit (and doing so I'll try not to inflate my ego too much) that it's beautiful!

I'm starting to notice that there's a certain degree of psychology involved in knitting. Well...for me at least. After finishing my Gayle jacket (an eleven-month marathon knit interwoven with buying a house, moving, and planning a wedding) I immediately picked up the Eyelet Halter...knit on size 3 needles....and began my top-secret bridesmaid knits (um, that may or may not be finished in time for the wedding...but the thought is there) also knit on size 3s.

Yesterday, I just looked at these pipsqueak-gauged projects...and snapped. I rifled through my stash until I found 4 balls of Big Wool Fusion (sadly, it's discontinued) and cast on the cover knit from the Holiday 2007 Knit Simple. It's just what I needed..two hours later I had the better part of the back of this chunky cropped vest finished:

When they say you can knit the vest in just one weekend, I'm quite certain they aren't kidding! And once it's finished and my confidence, and motivation, are just a bit stronger, I'm sure I'll have the gusto to finish all of those other projects I hastily cast on!


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