So much yarn, so little time!

The much-anticipated Spud & Chloe yarns and patterns are in and on the site! I spent the better part of Saturday morning getting...acquainted...with the patterns while addiAdd Imageng them to the system and I have to say, I'm really *really* excited for this line!

First off, it's all machine washable. Perfect for me (yeah, pretty much no-nonsense) and Cory (who has um, washed my hand-me-down cashmere bathrobe then put it in the dryer--by some miracle it didn't shrink!!!). After the wedding I'll be off my yarn diet...and I'll be in the clear of the 'sweater curse' it might just be time to knit him a sweater. In the meantime, he's been asking me for an earflap hat for years, so I might step outside my diet 'boundaries' for a moment and knit us up a set of Boy Meets Girl Hats.

Besides being machine washable, all three weights are superwash wool/organic cotton they're a 'green' knitting choice (for the girl who goes out of her way to buy recycled TP, this is a good thing!). And my favorite part--the patterns are really young, fresh designs. No hunting for a cute pattern and then hunting for the yarn to match--it's all right here!

Of course, with the wedding (gulp) just 8 weeks away, I haven't had an ounce of time to knit (or spin). I've finally accepted that yes...people will be coming in the house that day, so yes...I probably should finish unpacking and giving the less regularly used rooms a homey touch (like say, putting the books on the bookshelf in some semblance of order, and hanging the pictures on the walls rather than stacking them precariously against the far wall! I'm happy to report though that the office no longer makes me cringe!


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