Road trip!! Wahoo!

I am leaving on Thursday to meet up with my daughter and her boyfriend, who are extremely hearty souls. They are bicycling from Green River Utah to Sedona Arizona! Phew, it makes me tired just looking at them here with their bikes on a test ride. They are taking all back roads and the mileage will vary from 600 to 1000 and their goal is to be in Sedona by the 4th of July. After that who knows, as they have saved up for a full 2 months on the road! Oh to be footloose and fancy free!

We will log about 1400 miles on our own (in the comfort of our truck and trailer :) so I am planning out my knitting arsenal. Let's see my husband will drive initially and I am working on a scarf/table runner in Classic Elites Yarn, Allegoro (one of my new favorites for sure). I can knit that up without too much trouble, except that it is lace and I will be shushing my crew constantly (shush, counting). Hmmmm, then there is my Courthouse Steps blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting and it isn't too big yet and is just garter stitch, that's a riding in the truck possibility.

Please note that I am doing this one in some discontinued Rowan yarn, but highly recommend looking at the Lamb's Pride Bulky as a great substitute.

Ok so now I get to consider a new project for the road (hmmm imagine? :) in Muench Yarns, Touch Me!

Quick digression here, Laura you torture me with these sales, I am going to have to start hiding my stash in the attic and bury it in the back yard. I bought enough Touch Me to make well something big, but I do have a plan for a long tunic vest using a twisted stitch pattern and I am just dying to get that one cast on.

Of course there is the worming issue to contend with and I wonder if the cab of the truck will give me the room I need to deal with that? If you are interested in some tips on worming you can read Laura's article on the subject and one of my favorite things is a glass bowl placed 5 feet away from me, with the yarn pulled off the ball in a kind of yarn 'puddle'. I will also, smooth my yarn as I work and tension is really important too. Well, it is feeling like the truck knitting needs to be the Allegoro project, or the Courthouse Steps blanket. At any rate wish me luck and gosh what rough decisions I have to make, ha ha!

As always, happy knitting!


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