Rain, rain, go away???

Well it has been raining here in the high desert and my veggies are HAPPY! This rain has been really unusual and I have been imagining being by the northern California coast which is one of my favorite places to hang out. In Reno we say just wait ten minutes the weather will change, so to have 8 days of rain in a row has been kinda neat.

I have been thinking about all kinds of crazy knitting projects, how about a knitted parasol, or fan? I have seen great patterns for the fans, but have yet to find the fan frames for them. It doesn't stop me from dreaming about lovely little knit things like that. For now I will have to be happy with working on bigger projects like my Shoal Water Shawl by Fibertrends. It's so pretty and I am now into the third repeat. I just love working with the Noro Silk Garden sock yarn and may actually make some socks out of it soon :) (this has to be a quick post lots of customers :)

I hope you are all getting enough fiber in your diet and happy knitting!


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