I can almost taste it...

I apologize for the late blog (I'm usually on like clockwork at 10:45 on Sunday night) but I was finishing feverishly into the morning hours.

All that remains now are one sleeve, the seam down the side, a few ends to weave in, and the crocheting of the button covers. I can't believe how warm (and heavy!) this jacket is going to be. Sure it's wool, and wool is warm but this is not your average wool. The fibers are thick and wiry and I'm quite sure that this jacket will be equally good defense against the wind as it is against the cold (forget that it's intricate and beautiful--I'm all about function haha).
This has been one of those projects that you just drudge through, knowing you have to finish it but not really seeing the end in sight, or the sense of accomplishment that will come when it is finished. Now that I've started the finishing work and I'm finally seeing all of the pieces come together it's absolutely incredible to think that (albeit over the last 11 months) I've knit all of that! Just a few more hours....


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