It's funny that although I've been crocheting for fifteen years, and knitting for at least three, I have never blocked a finished piece! Because I almost exclusively made afghans, pillows and scarves in the past, blocking wasn't really important. But now that I'm making gloves and hats and things, I'm realizing the importance of getting the right size.

For Kristin's Basic Neckie pattern, I did a stretchy cast on with a crochet hook, which I soon found out was not really necessary, as it made the cast on edge really wide. So I decided to block it!. I ran it under warm water until it was soaked, gently squeezed out the excess, than pinned it to a beach towel on the ground, in as perfect a rectangle as I could make. A day or two later it was dry and perfectly rectangular! Amazing I have never tried this before . . .


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