Power knitting, woo hoo!!

With so much new stuff in the shop and the gift giving season coming in for a landing, all of us have been knitting like lunatics! I am working as quickly as I can to get our projects up on the project log for you to see all the details, but phew, there are flames coming from the needles around here and it's all a little hot to handle, ha ha!

Victoria fell in love with the Lana Grossa Gnocchi yarn right away and her darling daughter Alice, had to have a scarf! Isn't she cute and this scarf took just 2 balls of this super soft fun yarn. Oh yea and I happen to know that we just got some really cool multi colors in this yarn, yum!

Then of course Sandy and I got into a race with our Icing Swirl hats and it looks like we will be carrying this pattern book by Ysolda soon! I have already gifted my first hat out of the Lorna's Laces Swirl Chunky in Daffodil to my daughter Shelly (thanks for the picture Shelly). She rides her bicycle everywhere, rain or shine and had recently lost a hat that I had knit her, so Moms needles to the rescue :) When she told me she lost the hat she was on the verge of crying and this little hat just knit up so quickly it was easy to help her out.

Of course Laura has finished her first sock (for Huck not Wiley :) out of the Lorna's Laces Limited Edition for November, My Favorite Fellas. This great color is a tribute to those furry friends that we all love to see around the site modeling for us. As I write this my two favorite girls are snuggled up right here with me and I just love the loyalty that my dogs give me with so little prompting.

Terry is working on these amazing tams/berets and she is using the Lorna's Laces Swirl DK in Gold Hill (the one on the needles) and at 50% off how can you go wrong?? The darker tam/beret is done out of bits from her stash, so this pattern is going to be great for stash busting for sure! She tells me she is writing it up and will have it finished soon.

I have also finished my first scarf with the Trendsetter Cha Cha yarn and the Malabrigo Worsted. I am going to work on getting a demonstration of how to work with this really amazing, soft, ribbon type yarn! There is a little bit of practice involved, but once you get rolling it is as easy as pie!

As always happy knitting and keep those needles clicking Jeanne :)

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