Gratitude is in my heart...

Here we are ready to have one more Thanksgiving and while I am grateful everyday for the abundance in my life, I am particularly reflective at this time of year. I am continually reminded of how lucky I am personally to have my family, my health, my job, my co workers, friends and of course my customers. I have said before how much I enjoy my job, but you all remind me of that daily in how you brighten my day by sharing your projects with me and your generous knitters spirit!

A couple of days ago Georgia stopped by to get some knitting therapy and reminded me that without knitting I would probably go a little crazy, but certainly in difficult times it is my life line. Georgia just lost her daughter 3 weeks ago and has been knitting to stay sane, please keep those needles clicking Georgia, we are here for you and while we can't take away the pain you must be feeling, we can stand by you one stitch at a time.

On Sunday I experienced more knitters spirit from a great gal named Fran who has shared a small floor loom with me, so I can learn to weave and all she wants in return are reports as to my progress on learning to weave. Dang, I am a lucky duck! I have been talking about this for about a year and mentioned it to my daughter and she said well gee I know a gal who is looking for a loving home for her loom. As soon as I walked into her house it was as though we had known each other forever and we were laughing about the dog bombs (you know the stinky kind) that we had to dodge on the way to her garage to look at the loom. She has these two amazing dogs that are clearly her babies, but about 80 pounds each, so hence big bombs :) Thanks Fran I can't tell you how excited I am to learn weaving and my friend Sharon is going to take me under her wing and get me going; more knitter's spirit!

I am just so lucky to be a part of an artistic community that is so willing to give of themselves and I just wanted to share that with you all and wish you a day filled with joy in your heart, beauty for your eyes and a bit of yarn for your needles.

Here are some Sno Buddies to bring a little winter cheer to your day. It seems to be the only snow we are going to have around here since it will be 60 degrees tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving and as always happy knitting!


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