So much inspiration

We have so much inspiration around the shop I am having a hard time focusing, of course that is what it is like around here most of the time. We just got Interweave Accessories magazine in and dang there are some really cool things to knit! This is just in time for that holiday knitting crunch we all seem to get into and I would love to knit all the projects in this magazine, but alas, I MUST focus, so I am thinking of doing the hat on the cover for starters.

Of course we have also gotten in Prism Yarns Saki and boy is it super luscious. At 430 yards it is perfect for a pair of socks (yep I am back in sock mode again :) but would make a fabulous scarf, or small shawl for that special someone, hmmmm that's me right? The colors are so rich and yummy and I have fallen in love with Alpine, no Harvest, no Tumbleweed, accckkkk I can't decide, help me I am falling!!!

Of course I am twitching to knit up my own super soft Lana Grossa Gnocchi scarf. We have added some mew colors to that line and I would like to work mine up in one of the variegated colors. Yuuummmmmyyyy! It only takes four balls to do this fabulous scarf and it will workup really quickly. Victoria knit a scarf for Alice and she did it with only 2 balls.

Well I have to go lay down with a cold cloth on my head to stop this dizziness, ha ha!!

As always happy knitting!

Jeanne :)

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