New sock yarns, special "Corners" and projects

A few days ago we got in several lovely new sock yarns from Lana Grossa. They are lovely yarns and Jeanne's sock knitting fervor is contagious. I'm just itching to start some socks and I may just do it soon with some of these. There is Seta/cashmere print and Seta/Cashmere. Seta is a wool, silk, polyamid and cashmere blend that's machine washable. It's 209 yards to the skein so you'll need two for a pair of socks but at only $12 a skein it is right in the ballpark of high quality sock yarns and a real deal for cashmere.

Another that has grabbed my attention is Solo a wool and polyamid self striping yarn and is a full 462 yards for $16 so a fabulous deal. I also love the colorways. Not only would this make nice sock but I think it would be great for everyday wear lace shawls and scarves.

Please do check out the cotton and multieffekts too.

I was exploring our website last night and found this great little tool I didn't know was there. It's called "Corners". If you go to the kits page and scroll all the way down to just below the Advanced Search you will see a list of Corners. In these Corners you will find suggestions for yarns, kits, patterns, notions and more for making each theme listed.
I've finished the little dog sweater I was designing and the slouchy beret that Jeanne showed you pictures of last week. I'll get pictures taken soon to show and I'm working on writing up the patterns. I'm also working on some other things for gifts that I'll be posting about soon.

Have fun and enjoy!

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