Lana Grossa needles...WOW!

I am in love yet again with another product imagine?? We have the Lana Grossa needles in the shop and of course I had to buy them, dang Laura what are you doing to me? I picked up 3 sets of double points and 1 circular I am so in love I just had to share with you.

The double points are sooooooo smooth and they have amazing points. They are a joy to work with and I will be casting on with the circulars to do the magic loop soon, so will let you know what I think of those.

I can say that the joins and the cable feel smooth and flexible, so I think they will be perfect.

They are so beautiful with all the colors and we have the circulars in chrome too, so I guess I will have to give those a try too...sigh...

As always happy knitting and crocheting!


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